Elly Leduc, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

This site is dedicated to promoting Elly Leduc's work as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She is available for distance healing as well as private sessions in her office in Olympia, WA.

"There are currently some 150 studies on the effects of different forms of distant healing. Even though we are unable to explain how all this works, the data clearly indicate that there is an effect that can't just be ignored."
-Larry Dossey ,M.D., Intuition Magazine

Larry Dossey is the author of many books on changing our approach to health. His latest book "Reinventing Medicine - Beyond Mind/Body to a New Era of Healing" shows the research on the phenomena of distance healing, intercessory prayer, precognitive dreams, and intuition.:

Healing Touch
Energetic Healing

Energy work to balance &
heal your body, mind & spirit

Healing Touch
Energetic Healing
About Elly Leduc

phone: (360) 438-1244; email: elly@babymassage.net